Nvidia AI performs Minecraft, wins machine learning conference award

MineDojo's AI can perform complex duties in MinecraftEnlarge / MineDojo’s AI can perform complex duties in Minecraft. (credit: Nvidia)

A paper describing MineDojo,. Nvidia’s generalist AI agent that can perform actions from written prompts in Minecraft, won. an Outstanding Datasets and Benchmarks Paper Award at the 2022 NeurIPS. (Neural Information Processing Systems) conference, Nvidia revealed on Monday

To. train the MineDojo framework to play Minecraft, researchers fed it 730,000 Minecraft YouTube video clips (with more than 22. billion words transcribed), 7,000 scraped webpages from the Minecraft wiki, and 340,000 Reddit posts and sixty six. million Reddit reviews describing Minecraft gameplay

From. this data, the researchers created a custom transformer model referred to as MineCLIP that associates video clips with particular in-game Minecraft activities. As a result, somebody can inform a MineDojo agent what to do in the online game using high-level natural language, such as “find a desert pyramid” or “build a nether portal and enter it,” and MineDojo will execute the series of steps crucial to make it ensue in the game

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