Meta researchers create AI that masters Diplomacy, tricking human players

A screenshot of Diplomacy supplied by a CICERO researcherEnlarge / A screenshot of an online game of Diplomacy, including a operating chat dialog, supplied by a Cicero researcher. (credit: Meta. AI)

On Tuesday, Meta AI announced. the development of Cicero, which it clams is the first AI to obtain human-level performance in the strategic board game Diplomacy. It’s a notable achievement simply because the game requires deep interpersonal negotiation skills, which implies that Cicero has obtained a certain mastery of language needed to win the game

Even. before Deep Blue beat Garry Kasparov at chess in. 1997, board games have been a useful. measure of AI achievement. In 2015, another barrier fell when AlphaGo defeated. Go grasp Lee Sedol. Both of these games follow a comparatively clear set of analytical guidelines (although Go’s guidelines are traditionally simplified for computing device AI)

But. with Diplomacy, a large portion of the gameplay entails social abilities. Players must present empathy, use pure language, and build relationships to win—a challenging job for a computing device player. With this in mind, Meta asked, “Can we build more useful and flexible brokers that can use language to negotiate, persuade, and work with individuals to obtain strategic ambitions related to the manner people do?”

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